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    Bigger office, better coffee
and a brand new bar fridge.


Needing extra thinking space, Pete and I decided it was time to search for the Allen keys, dismantle the Ikea furniture and lug everything to a bigger and brighter workspace. And although nearly breaking our backs while trying to get the photocopier into and out of the van, we eventually completed the move to our new premises in sunny Alexandria.

So now we’re located on the first floor of ‘The Fountain’, a heritage warehouse conversion at 21 Fountain Street that’s been upgraded with 21st century style. Better still, our new office is strategically located upstairs from the Don Campos brewing bar (arguably the best coffee in Sydney), and across the road from Dan Murphy's liquor emporium (and Pete’s favourite place for blowing some small change).

To add to the creature comforts essential to creative work, the building is also home to the much-lauded eclectic wholefood canteen, Bread and Circus, while nearby pubs include The Buckland, Parkview, Alexandria, and Technology Park, as well as a bevy of assorted boozers who along the Erskineville strip.

To celebrate the move into our new HQ – a milestone moment in Hard Working Farmboys history – we quickly made a trip to ‘Hardly Normal’ and chewed-down the price of a bar fridge, which is now happily stocked with icy-cold celebratory beer.

With everything now in place, including the boardroom table, the new premises feel like home. So don’t be shy. Drop by and see us some time. If we like you, we may even open up the bar fridge, or hop across the road to uncle Dan’s, and pick up your favourite tipple.

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Bigger office, better coffee and a new bar fridge.
1st March 2011





























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