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We combine big agency experience with the
flexibility and responsiveness of a small agency. That’s the way we like it and so do our clients.


Scott Thomlinson
Creative Director and Jack of all the advertising trades.

Scott’s advertising career started in a small agency’s darkroom, working a hand cranked bromide machine as a lowly finished artist. Four years later he was that agency’s creative director...more

Knowing he probably should know a lot more than he did, he quit and spent the next decade or so learning all he could about the ad/marketing game as an art director and copywriter in various mainstream agencies until he landed his next gig as a creative director.

There began his disillusionment with agencies, their archaic structures, their inefficiencies and got him thinking about a better way to do things.

So four years ago he quit and opened Hard Working Farmboys, an agency without account managers, without a CEO and without a good looking bird on reception. An agency where talented people ply their trade and get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Peter Kawerau-Barich:
Senior copywriter, strategist, direct marketer, foodie
and wine-head

Peter’s strengths are words and ideas. Quick-witted and equipped with strong conceptual and strategic problem-solving skills, he thrives on the creative challenge of finding the ‘yes’ behind the ‘no’. And nothing satisfies him more than producing a campaign that delivers a measurable response... more

Peter has deep experience in direct and customer relationship marketing and believes that if marketing communications are not relevant to the audience, they won’t result in the ongoing customer conversations that build brand loyalty.

Often seen with a couple of cases of wine stashed under his desk usually (often the result of an impulsive online purchase after lunch at the pub), and being no stranger at weekend farmer’s markets, he pledges to create ads that are equally fresh, tasty and memorable.

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